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Payments realizes





of 25.10.2017 

GATOWALLS web shop:  administrated by:

 'Climbing Centre Gato', based in Torun on Bema street 23/29, VAT 8791424768, REGON (TIN): 871673078 entered in the register of economic activities by the President of Torun, under the number 47471.

Address: ‘C.W GATO’ J.BEMA Str 23/29;  87-100 Torun


Phone number:602397975 


Conditions for the provision of services via electronic means


1.Web shop publishes information about their offer via Internet on and provides via electronic means- with accordance to this terms and conditions- following services:

 - allows you to buy goods on the basis of a web shop GATOWALLS.COM using a shopping cart

2.The condition for use of the services provided via electronic means by the service provider is subject to the following minimum technical requirements:

- Internet Explorer version 7.0 or later with enabled ActiveX, JavaScript and cookies, or
- Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 or later with enabled Java applets, JavaScript and cookies
- Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher

3.The agreement is concluded by filling in the registration form for an unlimited period


 Sales conditions 


1. All prices in the shop are qouted in polish zloty or euro, not including VAT or other taxes, they do not include shipment costs. Prices in PLN quoted on the shop’s website are dedicated for domestic sales. For sales to foreign customers (export) prices in Euro are net prices.

2. In the cart the customer can choose the form of delivery and payment, it shows the total value of the order, taking into account transport, delivery etc.

3. SHOP Gatowalls reserves the right to change prices of goods and transport costs, delivery etc. The changes do not affect the rights of people who placed orders on-line or entered into a sales agreement before making of the changes.

4. The sales contract is concluded when the customer submits the order on-line at the store, through a shopcart, which is associated with the awareness of making a payment.

After placing an order through the shopart, customer gets an e-mail with information that contains the characteristics of the products ordered, the total amount to be paid (the price for the product, including taxes and fee for shipping), as well as the address and telephone number provided on the form, which will enable delivery. After receiving a message the customer should wait for contact from a representative of the store Gatowalls.

5. You can order without registration of Customer Account or register your details through Client Account, so that you do not have to enter them again on your next order.

Customer account is created by filling in the form available on the website. You should also activate the link you received in the mail return from the store Gatowalls- or confirmation, otherwise you can not login again. Data saved on Client’s account can be changed or delated.

6. Along with the ordered goods Gatowalls shop provides the customer a receipt or VAT invoice if earlier requested by the client.

7. Goods are sent to the Client within a period compatible with the earlier agreement concluded between the parties. Instructions as to the date of delivery of the goods can be established: when ordering on-line, in the 'Comment’ section; by mail or telephone.

8. Delivery time:

 -For option at the store option 'on the spot' and payment accomplishing: about 5 working days. In the case of a large queue of orders delivery time can be changed. Customer will be informed about that.

 -For option ‘back order': 21 working days (or more) after money transfer. In the case of a large queue of orders delivery time can be changed. Customer will be informed about that.

 Expexted delivery time: 1-4 days after the order is released.

 9. If the sending of goods is not possible within the time limit requested by the customer, shop Gatowalls refuses to send the goods, the contract is terminated and transferred funds previously returned without delay.


Payment methods


1.  Client may choose the most convenient payment method for himself:



 - cash at the GATO Climibing Center, Bema str 23/29; 87-100 Torun (after previously making an apointment by phone or email)

 - transfer, prepayment of the full order value to the bank account number:

41 1020 5011 0000 9502 0014 6076


 Branch holding the account O 2 in Torun

 Grudziądzka str. 4;  87-100 Toruń


 Shipment costs and terms 


1. We send products withcourier DHL, TNT, Geis, Fedex, UPS, Pocztex24 or other and other shipping companies for pallets shipments.

 2. Shipment is not restricted to the area of Poland.

 3. The cost of delivery depends on the form of delivery and weight of the ordered goods.

If the goods are located in a standard size shipping cost is measured automatically and appears in the summary of the order. Otherwise, there is information about the need for an individual valuation of transport costs.

Shipments foreign and domestic (non-standard) must be consulted by e-mail: or by phone +48 508-173-256


International shipment is handeled individualy.

(Prices on our website dones't iclude VAT)

Warranty. Complaints procedure


1. According to the Act on specific terms of consumer sales shop Gatowalls is liable to the consumer for non-compliance of goods with respect to the contract.

2.  The consumer can notify the sales person about discrepancy/defect/damage:

- by mail or in person at the sellers headqouaters

The consumer should provide personal data (name), address, identify the goods he’s making a complaint about (name, manufacturer, color), attach proof of purchase, to describe the mismatch (justification of the complaint) with photo attachments, present his requests, provide the date of the complaint and signature.

3.  After pre-acceptance of the complaint Goods should be returned at the request of the seller for the complaint to be considered. Consumer is committed to carefully secure goods for transport. IF CONSUMER NOT SECURE GOODS (COMPLAINT) CAREFULY, AND GATOWALLS WILL RECEIVE PRODUCTS WITH ADDITIONAL DAMAGES, GATOWALLS SHOP WILL NOT ACCEPT THE COMPLAINT. 

4. When a complaint is accepted at Gatowalls shop resends to the buyer his order with new product or return the amount due. (Basic product plus shipping).

5. Wrong goods: firstly, the buyer may require repair or replacement of the goods to match. If repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive costs, the consumer may request a refund or a reduction in the price of goods. Withdraw from the contract may also be extended if the time of repair or replacement of goods is taking too long.

6. Gatowalls makes every effort to ensure that the products are well packaged and secured for delivery. 

Terms of warranty.

1. Unless otherwise stated in individual contract, Gatowalls products (Climbing holds and climbing volumes) are covered with a limited annual warranty for damage. The warranty covers damage and / or excessive wear due to defects in material or manufacturing defects.

2. Any defects / damage to the product resulting from natural use of the product are not covered by the warranty.

3. The warranty does not cover defects / damage to the product resulting from:- improper use,- destructive force majeure,- mechanical forces,- improper maintenance and storage.

4. The procedure for faults / defects is described in the section above "Complaints". The shop is not liable for any damages incurred during transportation, except when it is proved that they are the result of negligence in packing / securing the goods. Complaints about damage caused by transport should be submitted directly to the courier. On the basis of the protocol will be considered a possible complaint about bad protection of goods in the transport. 

Contract termination, return of goods


1.accordance with the Act the consumer is entitled to withdraw from contract- in 14 days, without giving reasons. The withdrawal period is calculated from the day the consumer receives the goods. The decision to withdraw should be informed before the end of the withdrawal period by sending a statement to the e-mail.

2. All funds received from the consumer will be returned within 14 days of receipt of such a withdrawal from the contract. Reimbursement shall be in accordance with the wishes of the customer - bank transfer or postal order, for which the consumer does not bear the costs.

3.From the date of notification of withdrawal the consumer has 14 days to return or transfer of goods to seller. The consumer covers only the costs associated with returning the goods (goods can be returned by the Polish Post and the costs associated with the reference can be evaluated, before the conclusion of the contract).

4.  The returned good should not be damaged. The consumer is responsible for the decrease in value of the goods, which occurred at a time when he had it, through improper handling of them, other than sufficient to establish the nature or characteristics of the product.

5. The right of withdrawal is not granted, when the goods ordered by the customer are manufactured in accordance with the instructions or adapted for him.


Exchange of the goods

1. You can exchange the purchased goods for another, and according to the customer the amount of the payment is counted as payment for a n

ew contract. Before the end of the withdrawal period the customer should inform the store of their wish to exchange products. He should inform about it by e-mail, telephone or in person in the office. Goods will be reserved and waiting to be sent until receipt of the returned product.

2. If the amount of the new order is higher than the returned goods, the customer pays the shortfall; when it is lower store returns the difference by bank transfer or postal order, according to the customer wishes, who does not bear the costs associated with the return of the amount due.


 Personal data protection:


1.  The data administrator is ‘GATO Climbing Walls’ VAT:  8791424768, REGON (TIN): 871673078 entered in the register of economic activities by the President of Torun, under the number 47471.

2. Data is protected in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection Act which prevents access by unauthorized person.

3.  The data are processed only for contract performance, handling the registration process and logging in to the Customer Account.

4.Every customer who created his Client Account has the right to inspect their data, change or request to cease use of the data and remove them.


Final agreement


 1. Regulations are available for customers at the shop via the link: (http: // http: // and before conclusion of the contract in the basket order.

 2. Online Store Gatowalls reserves the right to change the rules, these changes will not apply persons who earlier order, before the changes in the regulations.